Tuesday, September 29, 2015


"A haven of good energy in a place of strong energy,
thank you for inviting us into your home. Love it! "
Naomi and Jonathan

Aloha! Looking forward to sharing sacred time & space with you! :D
There have been some changes in our Reality over these past years,
so please read the below...even if you've enjoyed being with us before.
Thanks! :)

What's still the SAME & what's NEW! 

  • More unconventional "Experience" than typical "home," "accommodations," or "retreat"... with a focus on self-sufficient individuals enjoying their best self & life around a kindred spirit or two. :)

  • This unique environment is still kept diverse by race, age, creativities, spirituality, affectional preference, (etc!) in the selection of old friends & new we choose to share sacred time/space with, as able.
  • We still expect visitors to be respectfully substance-use (smoke/alcohol/drug) free.
  • We have always been interested in sweet one-on-one interactions with depth and this remains true, with an even stronger focus on being more private retreat/home space, rather than facilitating group activities. When inquiring, please let us know a bit about yourself, your intentions and prior shared living &/or rustic retreat experiences, along with what time-frame you'd like to share...and we'll see if what you are seeking and what we currently are is a good fit! :) Looking forward to welcoming you here! :)
  • We still maintain a womyn-centric (not women-only) atmosphere, with a growing focus on Goddess Girl energies during this time of the Divine Feminine rising here on our lovely Planet Earth. These days we generally welcome women & couples, and generally do NOT welcome single men &/or groups of men we don't already know...especially when in private-women's-retreat mode. 
  • We're still an easy drive from local farmer's markets, art galleries & art centers, as well as Volcano National Park hiking & molten lava crater viewing, Hilo Airport, grocery & health food stores, waterfalls, and several black sand sea turtle beaches.
  • We're also still within country-walking distance of the island-style Hele-On bus between Hilo/Keauu and Kau/Volcano. (Please note: for those who want to come & go as they please, having a car is generally more convenient than utilizing this island's wonderful-yet-not-frequent bus system which operates Monday - Saturday; no service nights, Sundays, or holidays.)
  • We still never do drop-ins; all shared experiences arranged in advance, with a mutually do-able check-in time so your happy host can arrange to be home & welcome you at that time. :) Specific directions to our door given after mutually-agreeable check-in time is set up. (As private home-space that is often in the midst of one kind of sacred retreat or another, we generally only welcome individuals who are actually staying here; not folks just curious to stop by & "see what we're up to," just FYI!)
  • Generous expressions of appreciation from friends far & wide -- both those who stay with us & those who don't -- always most sincerely appreciated! It is why -- even with the economic ups & downs going on in the world at large over these past years -- we are still here! :) Thank you so much for being glad we exist! :)
  • Everyone 100% self-responsible for their own needs, safety, and belongings while they are in this tropical, shared, evolution-in-progress environment, which is located within rustic rainforest on an active volcano.
  • And these days, we are becoming more & more nature-focused! We are happy to savor a sense of timelessness as native birds feast on tall grasses. Sometimes families of wild pigs with spotted piglets come out of the forest, and if you're still, they may hang around awhile to graze & root. Organic food can still be grown by those who are here for awhile as we have always treated the land with as much good (non-toxic) care as possible. 

What does it mean to be more eco-friendly while having less human impact on an environment?
To be with & in nature more, rather than admiring it from afar? 

In volcanic tropical rainforest (like on the planet, in general, now that climate patterns are changing), the sun-rain-sun-rain weather here & its effects can sometimes feel louder & more present than people. We prioritize protecting & respecting nature in its natural state. For those used to bustling city-rhythms & more controlled environments that are kept just-so, this can be an adjustment!

Our environment ebbs & flows with iridescent skink lizards, butterflies, dragonflies, chameleons, singing tree frogs, outdoor kitties...and also, from time to time, roaming families of wild pigs...and visiting creative/spiritual humans. :)

(So far, things like mosquitoes have blessedly been rare!)

We have electricity for things like lights, refrigeration, cooking...and we do also now have free internet wireless. But in general we're in the process of transitioning towards more & more collaboration with the Spirit of the Land (rather than trying to conquer it) by enjoying solar showers, for example, and making it a point to learn to inventively recycle, repair, reuse -- fixing & fashioning things with natural materials whenever possible -- rather than discarding to consume. (All this can be quite the country-quirky adventure sometimes!)

When you're coming for a visit, please bring:

* a flashlight (stars are gorgeous when skies are clear because night is quite dark without city lights around!),

* sturdy shoes & easy slip on/off shoes (like most places in Hawaii, we're a "no shoes inside" household),

* warm & cool weather clothing (days tend to be mild year-round; nights can sometimes be chilly),

* whatever you like to eat (there's a "food-to-share shelf" anyone is welcome to take from & add to; sometimes there's lots of yummy stuff there, other times not, just depends whose been here & what they've contributed!),

* your Spirit of Adventure! :)

Though there is no public phone nor computer in our as-unplugged-as-possible environment, there IS FREE WIRELESS internet at this time for those who come with their own laptops &/or cell phones. (If you're not bringing your own electronic equipment, public phones & computers can be found in cafes & all the local island libraries.)

This is a sacred, unconventional, environment that centered, creative, collaborative, inventive, stable, spiritually-minded folk with good energy tend to resonate with!

Thanks for sharing your Best Self while you are here! :D 

What exactly is the environment like?
What kind of interactions can you expect?

  • We have hand-built, country-quirky cabins & rooms, plus beautiful, shared: common kitchen, transitioning-towards-solar bathrooms, library/art/music room, and sacred (more wild than cultivated these days) grounds that include a banana tree forest, a small lava tube, meditation areas, etc.

  • Non-refundable/non-transferable monetary Expressions of Appreciation are agreed-upon in advance, with set reasonable-to-generous minimums that change by season & other factors. 
  • Providing energetic support for structures & grounds (what we used to call "Care Projects") is always welcome, but these days it is no longer required or assigned to short-time visiting friends who just contribute more generous financial support than longer-termers who regularly participate in providing daily/weekly energetic care around here.
  • Note: short-termers who would like to arrange to be here in a helping-out Partial Work Trade way (3 day minimum) for a discount can still inquire about doing so!  
    In general, Partial Work Trade projects can be accomplished a bit each day, or all at once weekly (especially for those who are here longer-term) & for those participating in being here in this way, your energetic contributions are likely to be from the list of things we generally do around here: Hawaiian-style hand-clearing/maintaining of jungle trails/grounds; weather-protect staining/painting of structures (artistic creativity encouraged!); spring cleaning & organizing; laundry; planting or weeding; building/fixing/maintaining things like food planter boxes, gates woven from rainforest materials, & tarped storage jungleows; the getting & bringing away of materials like plant matter, household supplies, kitchen recycling, propane, rescue kitty & gardening supplies, etc.; &/or whatever the priorities are for this environment during the time you are here! :)

    No experience necessary, just a willing & happy-to-learn attitude! :)

    (Though if you happen to have specific skills you would like to share, do let us know. They may be useful, depending on current priorities!)

    Those who share sacred time/space here via a Partial Work Trade arrangement will also most LIKELY have a room/cabin to themselves (since we have been keeping things quieter around here these days)...but it is possible, at times, that helpers in spaces that have more than 1 bed may get to room with another visiting goddess gal or 2, just fyi. :)

Extra New!

With a shift to prioritizing Goddess Gal energy, the focus here right now is unplugging from the matrix and sharing intimate sacred time/space in a contemplative, substance-use free, quiet, laid-back atmosphere which embodies a growing emphasis on eco-friendly, low-impact sustainability.

It is an opportunity to re-pattern your own energy surrounded by tropical rainforest mostly kept free rather than conquered & manicured, in a mostly women-centric atmosphere.

Private, tailored, ancient women's "mystery-school"/personal nurturing/&-or professional creative retreats with the Founder are scheduled occasionally, as are the welcoming of creative/spiritual individuals just coming to be here on their own personal retreats or vacation.

And there are also times between welcoming humans where we just allow this land to rest!

In general, conversations over art or potlucks or while strolling the area harvesting strawberry guava in season often range over off-the-beaten track topics from the Atlantis-Lemuria-Hawaii Connection to Living Fully One's Creative Purpose to Attaining Spiritual Wellness to Befriending Wild Land (which can include learning about/tending a variety of wild-crafted flowers, teas, & Hawaiian la'au lapa'au medicinals, if you're here long enough!) 

Sometimes lots of meals, adventures, creative collaborations &/or facilitated growth (pre-arranged) are shared. :)

There are also times when whoever is currently here is focused on furthering a spiritual practice or creative project, and thus may prefer to spend chunks of time in silence...but whoever is welcoming new folks makes a point to schedule ample getting-to-know-each-other time for tea and questions upon your arrival. :)


Longer-term stays & studies with the Founder sometimes possible.

Inquire about: Tailored Nurturing (3-7 days), &/or private Creative Living retreats (3-12 days), &/or personalized Women's Ancient Mystery retreats (3 to 9 days)...&/or Partial Work-Trade discounted arrangements! :)

If you'd like to hear how others who have rested &/or transformed here have experienced this environment over the years, please see "Quotes" page of this site!

"I came looking for an understanding of you and came out understanding myself. Thank you so much for the conversation, the spaces wide open and all that lies in between. (You) gave me a sense of timelessness, and with that a precious glimpse into the person I forgot I was and have always been."

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